Lighting the way through embouchure darkness!
The Balanced Embouchure is designed to be a self-help method. However, not everybody is good at generating context from reading a book, so for sure, some personal instruction can be valuable.

On this page, you will find a list of teachers who - at the very least - use elements of the BE method in their brass instruction. Orientation to core BE principles will vary, as teachers will likely have other methods which influence their approach. That's to be expected, as BE is aimed at embouchure development, which is only part of the brass picture (although a very important part). Plus, BE is still fairly new, and teachers who adopt BE principles will naturally have been influenced by other traditions.

The main goal here is to list teachers who are open to BE, and have some experience in using BE with students. As always, it is your responsibility to do your homework, and find the teacher who best fits your needs.

Name - Jeff Lewis, Jazz Faculty, San Jose State University
Instrument - Trumpet
City - San Francisco
Speciality - General, Freelance professional
Influences - Studied with: Claude Gordon, Burkhart, Inouye
Email -


Name - Marcus Hilgers
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Littleton [Denver metro area]
Specialty - General
Influences - Adam, Gordon, Shew


Name - Paul Bhasin, Triton College
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Chicago
Speciality - General, chamber/solo
Influences - Geyer, Daval
Email -
Webpage -,


Name - David Perrico
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Las Vegas
Specialty - All styles, with Jazz emphasis
Influences - Esotto Pellegrini, Callet, Shew, Lynn Nicholson
Email -
Webpage -


Name - Dr. Jon Mayhew Anderson
Instrument - French Horn
City - New Brunswick
Specialty - BE, TCE
Influences - Jerome Callet, Radek Baborak, Alex Kienle
Email -


Name - Alexander Shuhan, member of Rhythm & Brass
Instrument - French Horn, Asso. Professor at Ithaca College
City - Ithaca
Speciality - Chamber Music, Fundamentals, Embouchure
Influences - any musicians/teachers of great integrity


Name - Sandra Clark
Instrument - French Horn, Co-Principal, Toledo Symphony
City - Toledo
Speciality - General, Orchestral
Influences - studied with Lowell Greer
Email -


Name - Zach Enos
Instrument - Trumpet, East TN State Faculty Brass Quintet
City - Johnson City
Speciality - General, embouchure
Influences - studied with Armando Ghitalla
Email -


Name - Marcus Graf
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Austin
Speciality - improvisation, latin/salsa, lead playing, embouchure
Influences - studied with Jon Faddis; Jim Rotondi, Ray Vega
Email -
Webpage -

Name - Danny Smith
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Dallas
Speciality - Jazz, embouchure
Influences - BE, Arnold Jacobs, Jacoby, Haynie
Contact -

Name - Jeff Smiley
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Garland, Dallas area
Speciality - General, Embouchure
Influences - direct: Gordon, Callet, indirect: Haynie, Irons
Email -
Webpage -


Name - Steve Park
Instrument - French Horn
City - Salt Lake City/Ogden
Speciality - Band director, University Horn instructor, studio recording musician
Influences - Chris Leuba, Wayne Barrington, Larry Lowe
Email -


Name - Valerie Wells
Instrument - French Horn, Trumpet
City - Tacoma
Speciality - Embouchure issues, overcoming dystonia
Influences - Elizabeth Ward, Wendell Rider, Suzuki method
Email -,
Blog -

Name - Mark Smith
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Adelaide
Speciality - Orchestral, commercial, brass band/wind band
Influences - Gordon, Schlossberg, Colin, Arban
Email -

Name - Rob Sims, retired, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Melbourne
Speciality - General
Influences - Merv Simpson, Arnold Jacobs, Severinson, Andre
Email -

Name - Nick Wilkins
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Melbourne
Speciality - Commercial, improvisation, jazz
Influences - mostly BE
Email -

Name - Daimon Brunton
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Melbourne
Speciality - Jazz (small combo & lead playing), Improvisation
Influences - BE method
Email -
Website -


Name: Christof Zellhofer
Instrument: Trumpet
City: Vienna
Speciality: General
Influences: mostly BE, Bo Nilsson, Leonhard Paul and listening to the great players

Name: Markus Oswald
Instrument: Trumpet, French horn
City: Graz
Speciality: Embouchure and tongue, Problem-solving by appointment
Influences: BE, Malte Burba, Robert Kreutzer,studied French horn with
Jim Rotondi and Günter Hoegner


Name - Chris Vandeweyer
Instrument - Trumpet
City - Diest
Speciality - Improvisation & Jazz Lead playing
Influences - Gordon, Callet, Caruso, Babh Civiletti
Email -


Name - Phil Mach
Instrument - Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone
City - Toronto
Speciality - Concert Band
Influences - BE, Callet
Email -
Webpage -


Name - Uwe Zaiser
Instrument - Trumpet, Principal, German Radio Philharmonic
City - Tiefenthal
Specialty - Problem-solving, by appointment
Influences - listening to Maurice Andre, Fred Mills, and others
Email -
Webpage -

Name - Andrew Joy
Instrument - French Horn, Principal, Cologne Radio Symphony
City - Cologne
Speciality - BE, embouchure, Mind-Body connections
Influences - Cellists, singers, Tuckwell, Baumann, Clevenger
Email -
Webpage -


Name - Bert Lochs
Instrument - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
City - Nieuwegein, Alphen aan den Rijn
Specialty - Embouchure, Improvisation
Influences - BE, Willem van de Vliet, Callet
Email -
Webpage -

Name - Ko de Rooij
Instrument - Trumpet, Cornet
City - Middelburg
Speciality - Embouchure, Resolving mind/body conflicts
Influences - BE, Eric Vloeimans, Willem van de Vliet
Email -

Name - Bruno Fernandes
Instrument - Natural baroque trumpet and modern trumpets
City - Amsterdam
Speciality - Baroque music
Influences - Friedemann Immer, Jean-François Madeuf, Stephen Mason, David Burt, Graham Nicholson, Jeff Smiley
Email -
Webpage -

Name - Henk Kradolfer
Instrument – Trumpet
City - Den Bosch
Specialty – range development, embouchure development, BE
Influences - Willem van der Vliet, Ruud Breuls, Ko de Rooij
Email -


Name - Michael Camilleri
Instrument - Trumpet, Cornet
City - Wellington (Porirua)
Speciality - General
Influences - Mostly BE
Email -
Webpage -

To read the full Teachers chapter from the BE book, go here.