Lighting the way through embouchure darkness!
Trumpet Pedagogy by David Hickman

This book covers just about everything you could ever imagine regarding the trumpet.

I know this, because Dave even asked me to write a page or two about BE.

His solo recordings have long been a staple for helping to teach my students interpretation, style, and tone.

You will need to do a search, as he changes this link from time to time.

Valerie Wells' French Horn/BE blog

A blog can be a wonderful thing, if you write as well as Valerie. Inspirational stories about BE, mostly - but not exclusively - from French horn players.

Valerie has become a BE dealer (mostly for the French horn community) and is now having great success teaching both trumpet and horn.

John Erickson's Horn Blog

John, a respected educator at ASU, had some fairly well-balanced things to say about BE.

Lyle Sanford's Blog

Music therapy is his profession. His blog covers a lot of territory, including BE.

Nikita's BE Blog

Nikita is a trumpet player in Estonia, and a recent university graduate. He is just starting his BE journey as a teacher (2013) after he solved the BE puzzle for himself.

Bert Lochs Website

Bert is a great trumpet player, and a terrific teacher. If you want lessons with someone who has extensive BE teaching experience, Bert is a good choice. His site is deep in useful BE tips, listed under "embouchure" on the toolbar.

Ko's European BE website

Ko de Rooij is the European dealer for the BE book, and located in The Netherlands. You won't find a nicer or more reliable person to deal with. He knows his BE stuff as well, and gives lessons for those who want in-person help.

Phil Mach's BE Blog

Phil is the dealer for BE in Canada (Toronto). His personal trumpet story is a good read. He also understands how to teach BE, and offers lessons on his site (he is VERY patient). You can also order the book online.

David Perrico's Website

Dave is a Las Vegas trumpeter who built double C chops using the BE method. He fronts his own jazz band, Pop Evolution, which features some of the best musicians in town. As an added bonus, he gives BE-oriented trumpet lessons. Check him out!

Uwe Zaiser BE-lesson Website

Uwe is the deputy principal trumpet in the German Radio Philharmonic Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern. Already famous as a player, Uwe found that BE took him to another level. He wants to share his discovery with everyone, and has put up a new website with a firm commitment to furthering his role as BE mentor and teacher. We are fortunate to have someone with his skill and passion in the BE community.
Too Much Ritalin

Congresswoman Patti Johnson, in an article from 1999, explains the newest medical fad - the ADHD diagnosis - and the dangers of forcing kids to use psychotropic drugs.

This article is pretty old, but it outlines the issue well.