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Helping others battle the demons of embouchure is a challenge. Resistance to change - even positive change - is often a major roadblock, as the mind is a powerful thing. Prior conditioning and beliefs about embouchure can be tricky to bypass and overcome.

But as I have discovered, giving advice to others about
health is far trickier, and is frequently met by the most extreme skepticism. In many cases, chronic sufferers have been conditioned to believe that a cure is all-but-impossible, and that managing symptoms is the only course available.

To my surprise, it doesn't even matter if a student has been previously helped by BE. Suppose the same student also has a chronic physical condition, such as asthma. If I mention that - similar to BE - there is better a way to overcome and cure the condition, it's as if I went a bridge too far. I have to begin all over again convincing the student that I know what I'm talking about.

The bottom line is, I don't make claims without first doing research and obtaining evidence. My primary desire is to help others cut through old programming and find real answers. If the information of this page seems unusual to you, that may be a good thing. Following the same old path will generate the same old results.

In fact, that's exactly how the brain works. More about that in a moment.

Cause and Effect

As it was with BE, this page is about a deeper look at the relationship between cause and effect. Common health conditions, as labeled by the medical community, are frequently only a side effect of a hidden, more primary cause. Further, when you make a correction at the level of the primary cause, the side effects typically disappear.

In the case of our sample trio of conditions - asthma, Bell's Palsy, focal dystonia - what is the cause? Ask a medical doctor. He will say, "We don't know the answer to that yet." The best he can offer is symptom management, in the hopes that somehow the body eventually heals itself. Of course, from his frame of reference, that means drugs, which not only don't ever cure anything, but actually lead to the creation of more problems. As the old alternative health saying goes, "the body is not crying out for more drugs."

The Unbalanced Brain

My day job is still trumpet teaching. However, an increasing amount of my time is spent investigating the brain. Without question, the activity of the mind/brain is directly cause-connected to our quality of life. My interest is in discovering practical ways to alter brain activity which directly result in positive, measurable change. This is not as lofty or technical as it sounds. As it turns out, a high percentage of chronic health issues actually stem from the negative mental environment created by a single, correctable brain condition - hyperpolarity of brain functioning.

Note: Hyperpolarity of brain functioning is not taught in medical schools. Nor will you find it in any medical literature. In short, it is not recognized as a medically treatable condition. So, the advice I give you regarding hyperpolarity can in no way ever be misconstrued as "medical advice." This is as close as I get to offering a disclaimer. :-)

To be continued...
Brass Players Fight Back: A Single Approach to Solving Common Negative Physical Conditions
(i.e. Asthma, Bell's Palsy, Focal Dystonia)
This part of the website is to provide information for musicians who suffer from physical conditions, especially those symptoms known as asthma, Bell's Palsy, and focal dystonia. For some readers, the solution that I'm offering will sound too good to be true. They may even get angry, convinced that no single process can solve such seemingly different conditions.

I've been down this road before...