Have you heard that cheek puffing or air pockets will doom you forever? Or, that a bunched (not stretched down) chin is a sin?

Fortunately, the great players listed below somehow missed those instructions!

In BE, such elements are not taught as a dogma, but are allowed - when appropriate - during development, as a tool for improving lip position.

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The great Chuck Findley at age 19.

Esteban Batallán playing the Jolivet

James Morrison, Fugue #2

Philip McCann, British Brass Band
legend plays Willow Echoes

John Graas, a rare - and cheesy! -
video of the jazz French Horn pioneer
(on Yahoo, not YouTube)

Uwe Zaiser, Roll Out #4

Uwe Zaiser, Roll In #4

Uwe is the longtime 1st trumpet of the SWR Radio Orchestra in Germany
NOTE - the following videos show the range of motion achievable from doing the exercise program outlined in The Balanced Embouchure. The exercises shown here are NOT the core of the book, but rather they illustrate the logical outcome from doing the exercises properly.